Today’s total eclipse of a supermoon occurred in the WSW, under partly cloudy skies, as dawn grew on the opposite side of the sky. Despite less than optimal conditions, totality was visible until the Moon disappeared in the cloud deck amassing near the horizon.

Here are a few shots of the supermoon rising on Tuesday evening (May 25) and settng in total eclipse this morning (May 26).

On Tuesday evening, the Moon rose in clear, but bright skies since the Sun was still shining above the WNW horizon.
Once the Sun set, contrast improved and the Moon’s features could be more easily seen.
While the Moon rose, a nice sunset painted the WNW horizon above Tetilla Peak and the Jemez Mountains.
As dawn began in the east this morning, the lunar eclipse reached totality above the WSW horizon.
The Moon was just east of Beta Scorpii (Graffias), seen at the far right.
The Moon, still in total eclipse, gazed down upon the Turquoise Trail, Los Lomas de la Bolsa, and the distant Sandia Mountains. The Moon disappeared behind clouds soon after the photo was taken.