The beginning of the southwest monsoon season offers another summer’s entertainment – storm watching. I enjoy sitting on the portal on a summer evening, watching lightning flash from the clouds miles away. Last night, we were treated to an early storm spectacle, while receiving not a drop of rain, at least in my neighborhood.

About an hour after the Sun had set, I noticed a rain curtain developing over Santa Fe. Despite the growing darkness, the rain curtain seemed to be more, rather than less visible from my vantage point, about ten miles south of town. This was due to the lights of Santa Fe lighting the veils of rain from below.

Not a pretty sunset. The lights of the Santa Fe area reflect off of rain veils and storm clouds to the north. The Sun had set about 50 minutes before this photo was taken. Light pollution illuminated the rain veils and left a dirty red ‘stain’ on the clouds above.

What began as a sporadic lightning display became quite active as twilight gave way to night. Numerous bolts appeared to descend to Earth. However, it was weirdly quiet from my location (not to mention dry).

Lightning appeared to ‘pound the ground’ to the north, again and again, but nature’s artillery barrage was profoundly silent. According to my weather app, the lightning was about 20 miles away.

Hopefully, this monsoon season will produce more storms and rain than last year’s season. If so, enjoy the evening light shows.