“I believe Santa Fe can be a leader in energy conservation as well as protecting our dark skies.”

Santa Fe City Councilor Mike Garcia


  • There will be public hearings on the light color temperature
  • The false claim that the City was being “forced” by NM DOT to high temperature lighting has been definitively laid to rest. 
  • The false claim that the original Santa Fe proposal met with the IDAs approval has been debunked.

Eldorado's Northern Night sky is dominated by the Santa Fe Light Dome

Action Update: Santa Fe Lighting

A win that gives us an opportunity 

At the Wednesday, 24 February City Council meeting we won an opportunity to make a real and positive change in the Santa Fe City lighting. We also found a real champion of our cause on the Santa Fe City Council: Councilor Mike Garcia. 

The upshot of the meeting is that question of light color temperature is now open for discussion. The City Public Works Department will hold public hearings before making a recommendation to the Council on a detailed lighting plan. NM DOT is on record as being perfectly comfortable with highway lighting temperatures as low as 2700 K. 

We have moved the needle: now, we need to make it stick. That means work proactively to get the question of street lighting right: to correct the remaining misconceptions about light color temperature, public health and safety, and night sky protection, and show that there are lighting solutions that are safe for City residents where they live and where they drive, and protective of our shared night sky. 

We have work to do: let’s get to it!